The Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team (EEFIT) is a group of earthquake engineers, architects and academics who collaborate with colleagues in earthquake prone countries to improve the seismic resistance of both traditional and engineered structures.

Recent missions have included Kumamoto in Japan and Ecuador following the earthquakes in early 2016. The main objectives of such missions are:

  • To carry out a detailed technical evaluation of the performance of structures, foundations, civil engineering works and industrial plant within the affected region
  • To collect geological and seismographic data, including strong motion records
  • To assess the effectiveness of earthquake protection methods, including repair and retrofit, and to make comparisons of the actual performance of structures with the expectations of designers
  • To study disaster management procedures and socio-economic effects of the earthquake, including human casualties

Further information about EEFIT can be found at the following site.

This blog is dedicated to the mission to the central Italian Apennines following the earthquake that occurred on the 24th August 2016.