Day 8: Amatrice once again

Today group 2 went back to Amatrice to collect damage data  in the “red zone”.
On the way there we stopped at Ponte Rosa, where Paolo and Andrea collected evidence of severe damage of the parapet.


Valerio from the Vigili Del Fuoco Rieti accompanied us throughout the visit of the north west side of the town where we surveyed the nuns’ convent and the nearby buildings.
There is a very stark difference between the upper part of the main Corso Umberto I (up to the civic tower) and the lower portion, where buildings were severely damaged but still standing.


We met some members of the NIS (Nucleo Interventi Speciali) of the Vigili del Fuoco with whom we discussed the propping and shoring of the civic tower of Amatrice.

In the afternoon we went to Castelluccio, the closest village to the south-east side of the Mount Vettore’s fault.

img_0750 The rapid street survey recorded relatively modest damage safe for the civic tower that had been shored and confined using  boards, tension steel cables and frp wrapping over fibre reinforced mortar.




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