Day 5: Reconstruction in L’Aquila

David and Serena visited L’Aquila to evaluate the status and progress of the reconstruction after the 2009 earthquake. Especially the degree of economic and social revitalisation and the level of functionality, i.e. services available to the population. The survey of the historical centre showed that the reconstruction is proceeding slowly. They noted the “spotty” nature of this reconstruction: fully rebuilt buildings coexist next to secured but not yet rebuilt buildings and buildings in the process of being reconstructed.  Part of the city centre in L’Aquila is still cordoned off, while in the rest of the city, social and economic life is restarting. After completing the survey, David and Serena investigated the new residential developments and small villages on the outskirts of the city, most appeared to be completely isolated and lacking primary services such as supermarkets and newsstands. In a few cases, some other services were available to the residents such as a nursery and a cafeteria. On the bright side, the villages and towns affected have not been abandoned and progress has been made to reconstruct many dwellings. However the path of a full reconstruction is still long to go.



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