Day 4: Arquata & Pescara del Tronto

While Zoe and Joanna finished mapping the ruptures on Mt Vettore, group 2 was busy with different tasks.

Andrea and Paolo went to Amatrice to inspect two masonry bridges with the help of Dr. Di Sarno and Dr. Paolacci. In the meantime  Dina, Carmine, Valentina, Alessandra and Domenico spent the first part of the day in Arquata del Tronto Bassa carrying out rapid street surveys of damage to buildings. Serena and David conducted informal interviews and structured surveys with many relief officers including Vigili del Fuoco, Protezione Civile and Croce Rossa.

After a quick lunch at the ‘Michelin starred’ Vigili del Fuoco canteen, the group accessed the red zones of Arquata & Pescara del Tronto where extensive building damage and major geotechnical failures have been observed.

A big thank you to Piero Paoletti, Rino Furloni and Loris Diamantini, from Vigili Del Fuoco for escorting us during the day.

…and welcome to team 3 that just arrived in Rieti! Tristan from AIR Worldwide, Flavia from Bristol University, Giuseppe from Oxford University and Liz from Sellafield.

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