Day 3: Amatrice


Today group 2 joined group 1, who were already on site. Their main aim was to look at the structural damage of masonry buildings and bridges. Dina, Carmine and Valentina from UCL CEGE, David and Serena from UCL IRDR, Alessandra from University of Bergamo, Paolo from Arup and Andrea from Mott MacDonald.
After an initial meeting with Mauro Dolce, Director of the Office of Seismic and Volcanic Risk of the Department of Civil Protection, we received the badges for accessing the ‘red-zones’ and we headed to Amatrice.
Roberto Marchioni of Vigili del Fuoco guided the group throughout the most damaged part of the city. The team were interviewed by Rai News 24 (Italian National Broadcast) while in Amatrice.

Serena and David started their social survey study to investigate the impact of the earthquake on the population and the activities undertaken by agencies during the emergency and recovery phases to assist people.



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