Day 1: Group 1

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Group 1 began their day by driving to Arquata del Tronto to reach the Castelluccio plain and Mt Vettore, where the surface ruptures from the earthquake can be seen. Domenico collected soil samples close to Arquata del Tronto, which will be tested in the laboratory in the UK to look at the properties of the clay, and also did in-situ tests to determine the strength of the soil and relate this to slope stability. Then we drove to the south-east end of the Castellucio plain to drop Joanna and Zoe off to begin their mapping. Mapping the surface ruptures involves looking for the ground cracks generated during the earthquake and then measuring the vertical and horizontal offset, the direction of opening and the orientation of the cracks. Meanwhile Carmine and Domenico visited a recording seismic station site in Norcia, which during the earthquake recorded the one of the most severe ground motion. They were interested in looking at local effects that may have affected this large ground shaking. This work will continue throughout the week.


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