First group arrives in Italy

The first group of four academics have arrived in Italy today to begin the mission, with other members arriving later this week. Group 1 consists of Dr Joanna Faure Walker (UCL IRDR), Dr Carmine Galasso (UCL IRDR/Civil Engineering), Dr Domenico Lombardi (Uni. Manchester) and Zoe Mildon (UCL IRDR).

This group will be investigating a wide range of surface effects associated with the earthquake. Slip on the fault plane that generated the mainshock came to the surface, and this group will be aiming to map the path and structure of this rupture. Other surface effects, including landslides and ground cracking, have been observed in the epicentral region, and this group will also survey these effects as part of the mission. Ground motion signals have been recorded at seismic stations throughout central Italy. These signals have been processed and analysed by the group to investigate several parameters of interest to engineers, correlated to the observed damage. The group will investigate local site effects at those recording stations.


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